5 Reasons Why Monthly Updates Are Crucial To Online Success

Whether you are having a website, a personal blog, an agency site or even a simple digital presence, there is one thing of big importance you should know today.

The only thing that drives success in the online world is growing your content.

Now, that growth is best defined through constant changes and adaptations to trends. And if you are hesitant to changes and see your digital presence as only a virtual thing without a great potential, prepare to be amazed…

Why getting more visitors is far easier online – than offline?

According to a lot of research and analysis, the chance of getting visible and visited online is far greater than the chance of being seen in your offline location. This is mostly because of a simple fact – the Internet made the world connected, opening the doors for everyone across the globe to click and engage with new experiences.

In such world, changes are not only critical – they are crucial to success. That being said, a static website without updates of any kind may be only viewed as a ‘dead’ entity with no life and nothing to offer. On the flip side, a website that constantly publishes posts and produces content, according to many successful and real examples, is ‘loved’ by search engines and visible to more and more people.

In short, making changes to your website every week or month will help you get more visitors. And if this fact still hasn’t convinced you to roll up your sleeves, we are listing five more reasons to start – below.

1. More Content – More Frequent Indexing

The more, the merrier is a rule that definitely applies to websites, especially if that ‘more’ is the production of new blogs, articles or any sort of content on them. However, one thing should be clear – fresh content does NOT give higher indexing.

Instead, it increases the chance for your website to be seen, coming from the fact that with every new post, you are creating a new page for the content you provide. Therefore, the advanced Google bots have a greater chance of finding you online and crawling your content for a relevant topic.

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2. Frequent Updates – Higher Ranking

Aside from indexing your pages, Google also gives priority to pages that are frequently updated. As the true king of all search engines, it has a number of algorithms that trigger frequent updates as a way to rank better.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should update your website every minute, hour or day. Instead, it gives priority to the updates that are relevant, informative and actually valuable to the readers.

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3. More Content – More Keywords

Another thing worth mentioning when it comes to frequent updates is the fact that with more content, you are covering more keywords. Simply put, publishing new content gives you greater opportunity for your site to contain more keywords and actually rank for them.

According to Google, keywords are among the top criteria for search engine indexing and ranking. In a nutshell, you cannot rank on the first page for a particular keyword if your page actually doesn’t have it. That is why most successful online entrepreneurs and businesses are doing keyword research and based on the results, start producing content that targets those keywords.

Keywords are a crucial part of your SEO strategy, and you should treat them with utmost importance. In other words, try understanding, researching and finding most of the keywords in your industry and prepare to get noticed!

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4. Fresh Content – Greater Authority Potential

There isn’t a website or blog that doesn’t want to boost its authority potential. Essentially, being an online authority means that you have the influence and that you are followed by an audience that sees you as a true expert in your field. In an era where ‘content is the king’, the best way to build that influence is to start producing more content.

Believe it or not, that is how a lot of new brands and bloggers went mainstream and built massive audiences. The more they wrote, published and shared – the more authority they built in their followers’ eyes. From that point on, everything is viral and relatively easy to manage. But it is the first steps that truly count, right?

The point here is…

If you consistently and regularly write content in your industry, field or interest – you are showing the world that you know things. Your users are becoming loyal to you and are seeing your posts from your perspective. And that is something many businesses strive for.

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5. Your Audience Needs You

At the end of the day, it is the people that matter – and it is the people who will read your updates and connect with your brand. Your valuable content is only the vehicle of your knowledge and the bridge your visitors must pass to convert to your customers.

By keeping your website frequently updated, you are keeping your audience engaged and invest in long-term loyalty. The end result is more traffic and a lot of loyal followers that would turn to you whenever they would need advice on a certain topic or service.

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Have You Started Yet?

There is no tomorrow and there is no today when it comes to your vision and your thirst to build something great online. Websites are not meant to be one-time shows – they are meant to be vehicles of content that deliver all the right things a visitor can ask for.

In an era where people are searching the Internet for tons of things more than ever before, it is important to show the world why your website is special and seize every opportunity out there.

So, are you getting your sleeves rolled up?

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