Our Guarantee

Accountability, Trust, & Results

You seldom see marketing agencies, web design companies, or SEO firms offer a guarantee. Sometimes there’s a good reason for that, but we believe in changing the status quo and making new standards for our industry. To prove it, we offer a Grow In Spades Guarantee to all of our clients.

Why We Offer A Guarantee

Many of our clients come to us after damage to their brand has occurred or a marketing campaign has failed. Over half of our clients have invested time and money with a freelancer, hourly web design group, or even a project based marketing agency and were unhappy with the return on investment. Their trust was broken and they’ve told us that they felt taken advantage of. Some have had this experience multiple times. We hate hearing these stories and want to prevent others from having similar experiences.

Grow In Spades Guarantee

We promise and guarantee, to effectively execute our agreed strategy in a safe manner, while offering premium customer service, education, and transparency. We guarantee client satisfaction and promise that we will never hold you, or your business, hostage to a service you are not happy with.

What's The Catch?

Client Requirements

Clients Requirements

First, we can only cover the work that we do. If you shop at Amazon you probably know that their guarantees do not apply to products you bought at Walmart. It’s the same thing with us. We cannot guarantee work that’s created, managed, or edited by anyone else and we do not allow anyone else to manage or alter ours.

Second, we only guarantee the success of our projects, campaigns, and factors that we control directly. So if you’re an e-commerce retailer, we’d have direct control over your cart abandonment rates. We would not have control over brick-and-mortar sales. If you depend on leads, we’d have direct control over inbound lead generation, not whether they turned into a customer or not.

Third, our Grow in Spades Guarantee depends on our rules, recommendations, and strategy being followed. This keeps everyone on track and moving towards the same goal. We require you follow all of our advice so that we can achieve our goals together. We promise to do our part and require you to do yours. We can’t be held responsible for something that wasn’t our responsibility.

Worth Mentioning

Worth Mentioning

We thought it would be worth mentioning the items below as they are aspects of our approach and values.

A Good Fit
If you’ve read our approach then you already know that we are honest, direct, and selective with who we work with. We only work with companies after we determine that both parties are a good fit for each other.

We conduct audits of the platforms we will be managing. This helps us determine where your business rates, helps us determine what improvements to prioritize and allows us to set proper expectations.

Goal Setting
Clearly defined and measurable goals will be agreed to. This allows us to focus, develop a strategy to achieve the goal, and examine our progress throughout the project.

A proper strategy will take time to execute and even more time to experience the results. This strategy and timeline will be unique for every brand but will be discussed and agreed to before beginning work.

Business goals and marketing strategies will change, this is a sign of success. We require that all changes to strategy are documented and new goals are agreed to in order to maintain accountability and honor our guarantee.

We are often approached after a business has been let down by another marketing agency. Naturally, they want to prevent that from happening again so they want to micromanage and direct our process. It’s understandable but this behavior does more harm than good. We have made a commitment to not work this way and require complete trust in order to work together. Don’t worry, we have a system in place to earn it and keep it.

Not Included

What Is Not Guaranteed

Search Engine Rankings
Our clients have great rankings, but this is a side effect of a proper strategy. We do not control Google, in fact, reputable SEO Agencies will never promise rankings or give a ranking guarantee. If you are speaking with someone who promises Google rankings, beware. Here’s Why Reputable SEO Firms Don’t Guarantee Search Engine Rankings.

We Do Not Guarantee Sales
Great marketing is only one aspect of a successful brand. We can raise brand awareness, increase engagement, and drive traffic to your products or services. We can perfect the buyer’s journey and convert traffic into leads, but we cannot make them give you money. If our lead conversion is high, but your close rate is low, then there is another issue we need to examine and we will help in every way that we can.