The Spade Design Team

As much as we would enjoy meeting you, you probably want to know a little bit about us first. We get it, we’re the same way. If you want the quick version: We’re a cross-disciplined group of industry experts who bring passion and purpose to creating brand engagements and helping you grow your business. At Spade Design, we believe that “the brand” is the life of a company, and it’s demonstrated in the details. Our multimember team does the details. They are led by our Leadership Team, who is on a first name basis with every single one of our clients (more about them below.)

No Silos Here

We’ve seen the negative impact that silos can have on projects. In today’s world, all the moving parts of a business need to work together not separately. Success is exponentially greater when a holistic approach is taken, therefore we vowed to never work in silos. Each member of our team is an expert in their primary field but also has crossover knowledge of other skills and understands how their work impacts the “big picture.” When our team discusses a project, the whole team comes together and works together.

Spade Design, Our Team, Holistic Approach, Spade Design Team of Experts

Leadership Team

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, bringing fresh perspectives to each project, along with an unparalleled passion for staying up with the latest knowledge, technology, and best practices in an ever-changing industry. We love the energy and atmosphere at our offices, where every day is “bring-your-dog-to-work-day.”  We hate red tape and time-wasting committee meetings. We’re about getting things done fast and correctly, building lasting relationships, and helping your business grow through the long haul. To do this effectively, our leadership team works with every client directly. You can learn more about them below.

Matthew Martin, Marketing Consultant, Owner Spade Design

Matthew Martin
Creative Director & Owner

With an extensive background in marketing, web design, and data analysis; Matthew Martin brings over 15 years of experience in all things Digital. After years of Intelligence and Data Analysis work in the military, and marketing for AT&T, Matthew specialized in real estate. After growing his business by mastering digital marketing and local SEO strategies, he then formed Spade Design to help businesses grow and market effectively.

With the help of his team, Matthew has grown Spade Design from specializing in the real estate industry throughout the United States to multiple industries internationally.

As the owner of Spade Design, Matthew Martin takes potential projects from our onboarding phase and strategy creation to the next level of development and execution. From there, he works directly with clients, while personally overseeing the entire Spade Design team, to continue a strategic plan and marketing strategy to ensure all of the project goals are met. Matthew is also a private marketing consultant that works with a limited number of brands to execute project-based work, analyze and audit the work of other marketing agencies, and internal marketing departments.


Austin Tackett
Senior Web Designer

Austin hails from an eclectic background that has allowed him to bring a creative spirit to the team at Spade Design. Being a musician for over 15 years, he has learned to effectively express oneself through their art and communicate a message through the art of design.

Austin believes that, when it comes to websites, one must be able to do more than write great code. A great designer must also be able to create something visually appealing that catches the eyes of an audience and allows them to relate to your message.

Combining his technical knowledge of UX (User Experience) and web design, Austin creates high performing, conversion-focused websites that help our clients grow.

Emily Hernandez
Social Media Strategist

Emily Hernandez is a social media manager and professional photographer with three years of experience in the industry. Her expertise include managing, creating, and posting original content for a multitude of various companies. Her innovative content knowledge helps create a “voice” for businesses while utilizing the most updated consumer outreach methods to ensure growth and customer acquisition.

Emily took photography classes at Austin Community College and received her Bachelors in Journalism and English from Texas State University. In her free time, she enjoys attending music and art festivals, helping fellow artists with their social media questions, and taking photos of the wonderful people she meets and places she visits.


Missy Ticer
Content Creator & Copywriter

Missy Ticer writes compelling blog posts, in-depth articles, carefully researched white papers, unique product descriptions and more. She specializes in identifying your organization’s unique voice and producing content that generates leads, drives traffic and strengthens relationships.

Missy received her Bachelor’s in English from Stephen F. Austin State University. She spent several years in education before she began writing online content for businesses in East Texas and beyond. She excels at writing search engine friendly, easy to understand content that gets results.

Louie, dogs at work, spade design

Office Motivator

He’s conquered a hard life, and his small confidence means he fears none; but once you win him over with a treat or two, he’ll show you he’s just protective of those he loves (and his toys). Louie will greet anyone who walks in the office and he’ll gladly trade a paw for a pet or a chewy treat — but if you short him, he’ll let you know loud and clear. Louie contributes frequently to team meetings by sitting on as many laps as possible. Walk away from your desk and your chair will likely become his new throne, or the space beneath it will become his new nap pad. Watch your feet, because odds are he’s using them as a pillow.

Axel Spade Design

Smile Generator

Axel exceeds expectations in the role of Smile Generator. He always shows up to the office with a sunny attitude, a bright smile and an insatiable need for attention. His joy while playing fetch is only surpassed by his love of snacks — which his peers are more than willing to share.

Axel exemplifies the ideal work/life balance by completing every task assigned to him while also managing a daily workout and nap routine. He goes beyond the call of duty by seeking out pets from everyone who comes to the office, whether they be regular employees, UPS delivery men or our clients.

Overall, Axel is always positive, hard-working, and highly engaging. We are lucky to have him on our staff and we see great things for him Spade Design.