A Career with Spade Design

Spade Design is anything but average and that goes for our hiring process as well.

Experience is great, but what we value more is intelligence, adaptability and a willingness to learn as well as teach. If you are smart, incredibly talented, or simply too clever for words, you may have a career at Spade Design.

We always want hard-working, open-minded, passionate people to join our team.

Our culture is laid-back, dog-loving, and has zero tolerance for bureaucratic red tape. We are here to get shit done and believe there is nothing wrong with having fun while you do it.

Although remote work is allowed from time to time, we prefer to have our team members in house at least 80% of the time. Don’t worry, you’ll love our new office!

We have several positions open, but if you don’t see your dream job, send us your resume anyway!

Account Management is made up of curious-minded, kick-ass business thinkers who help uncover new digitally led (but not limited) opportunities to connect brands and consumers. We build long-term trusted partnerships with our clients through a superior understanding of both the business and communications landscapes.

  • Account Directors
  • Account Managers
  • Account Supervisors

Our insights capability works with the world’s largest focus group: the internet. From translating trends into business ideas to uncovering new consumer segments, we answer the questions no one else can and help our clients investigate new ways to know their audience.

  • Associate Analysts
  • Senior Analysts, Insights & Planning

Strategy at Spade Design is a lot of things, but it’s always about moving forward. We don’t just create lofty brand strategies (though we do those too), we help brands make sense of an ever-changing, technology-driven world in a way that’s not only about how they should think, but about what they should do.

  • Senior Strategists
  • Strategists

We’re surrounded by innovative capabilities that help us tell our stories in new and exciting ways. It’s like having the world’s best toolbox, if you’re curious enough to use it. And it leads to work that’s impossible to ignore.

  • Art Directors
  • Copywriters
  • Creative Directors

We’re a group of big thinkers and expert technologists firmly planted in the digital age. We blend unparalleled curiosity with our mastery of all things tech to generate newfangled ideas and inventive solutions for brands.

  • Front-End Developers
  • Technical Directors

Computer, meet human. Our Experience Design team works fluidly with creative technology to make experiences that are intuitive, simple to use and delightful.

  • Experience Designers
  • Experience Design Leads

Great ideas aren’t just made, they are produced. And we are the ones who get it done – whether “it” is a video, an app, a product or an experience. We work hand in hand with our colleagues and clients to breathe life into creative concepts using our ingenuity, perseverance and supreme organizational skills.

  • Associate Producers
  • Producers
  • Senior Producers

When ideas need to be brought to life, the studio suits up. We make content that can live anywhere an audience encounters a brand.

  • Senior Content Producers
  • Senior Editors

We’re the people who know a guy—whether that’s a barista with wit or a weekend DJ with a huge social following. We creatively and strategically connect brands with social celebrities, content creators and power advocates to spark word of mouth, build buzz and drive clients’ business and marketing objectives.

  • Associate Directors, Influencer Marketing
  • Associate Social Publicists

Our award-winning social capability is in a league of its own. We were one of the first agencies to help brands engage with consumers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as many other emerging platforms.

  • Associate Social Marketing Managers
  • Social Marketing Managers

We’re masters of helping brands be discovered. We see search as an important part of the consumer journey and a data-rich capability that can help inform and power a more effective marketing ecosystem. We are building a future where search is intimately connected with, and informed by, all the channels we manage.

  • SEO Associate Analysts
  • SEO Strategists

We are creative problem solvers tackling challenges that often stump others — or that haven’t even been seen before. And because we are embedded in the client teams, we deeply understand our clients’ needs and deliver real business-changing solutions.

  • Analytics Consultants
  • Data Scientists

From finance and legal to talent and technology, from office services and support staff to marketing and new business, our central teams are engines driving Spade Designs growth and success. We bring integrity, critical thinking and drive to everything we do and are focused on making this a great place to disrupt the market and build client success.

  • Technical Support Specialists
  • Client Finance Analysts
  • Office Managers
  • Executive Assistants
  • Accountants


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