Google Announces September 2019 Update Happening Today

On Twitter this morning Google broke the news we can expect a broad core algorithm update some time today. It’s the second time this year they made a statement before rolling out a broad change. Today’s announcement was on Twitter, here it is in case you missed it:

Danny Sullivan, search liason at Google told the public the rollout will happen over a period of days. He called it the September 2019 Core Update and directed users to the Google blog for more information. Sullivan said there would be a post when the update officially commenced, but that Google doesn’t typically make a statement when it ends, since additional updates are ongoing.

Google posts the following advice when it comes to core updates:

  • Expect extremely noticeable effects. You might see huge drops or gains in search engine ranking.
  • Core updates are called broad because they cover a wide range of factors. They aren’t targeted at any one industry or system.
  • If pages show a drastic rankings drop because of the update, it’s not because they received a penalty. Google has simply reevaluated relevance of that site compared to others published since the last core update.
  • The best way to see stable, consistent results is to focus on providing the best possible content.
  • If you make improvements, you are not guaranteed to see a rankings change. However, making no improvements pretty much guarantees continued poor results.

Webmasters, SEOs and site owners should keep a close eye on search rankings as the update occurs. Fluctuations show insight on what changed, how effective their ongoing SEO strategy is and whether or not they need to make adjustments to coincide with the core update. As always, when you need a digital marketing agency that stays on top of trends and designs websites that get results, schedule an online consultation.

We’ll post updates here as they occur.

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