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Spade Design leads the legal industry in law firm marketing and law firm web design with the highest quality, premium website development, local SEO, and 5-Star Customer Support. Our digital marketing agency does more than web design, we provide full digital marketing services including business listings, content marketing, social media management and review management services.

Law Firm Logo Design

A custom logo is an essential part of business identity and branding. Featured on your website, business cards, letterheads, signage and in advertisements, your logo will clearly identify your firm. Building a strong brand identity is essential, but it isn’t always easy to create a unique visual symbol that stands out from the rest. A clean custom logo will identify you as an elite professional and help create a striking first impression.

Spade Design’s logo design team will work with you to achieve a design you love. Whether you have a specific look you are going for, or no idea where to begin, we help you create a timeless design that illustrates your strengths as a legal professional.

Law Firm Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a vital resource in marketing your law firm. More than a means of simply promoting your firm’s name, social media allows you to reach clients in an innovative way, letting them hear your voice, and connect with people you may not otherwise.

Social media success requires crisp content and community involvement.Spade Design will develop and manage social profiles for you across all the major social networks, including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Our team works to ignite relationships between you and your clients through lasting loyalty and growth.

Law Firm Online Reputation Management

If you’re an attorney, especially if you work high-profile cases, there are things you want to appear on search engines and others you don’t. Of course, your website needs to be easily accessible. But you also want to improve the visibility of your achievements in headline cases and lessen the appearance of unfavorable results and negative connotations.

There are many factors that play into attorney SEO and law firm SEO that affect appearances on search engine results. Our SEO experts will put their years of experience in helping your name appear online in the best possible way.

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

Regardless of practice area and geographical location, Spade Design has successfully expanded our clients’ businesses by putting their law firm websites at the top of search engine results for targeted search terms. This takes time and proper strategy, but we have a proven track record of success.

Dominating search results requires masterful law firm search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and a broad, long-term strategy. Spade Design has the expertise to implement an effective search engine marketing (SEM) campaign and the know-how to maintain lasting success. From careful legal keyword research to On-Page SEO to Pay-Per-Click campaigns, our SEO experts work behind-the-scenes to drive your website up the ranks.

Law Firm Web Design For All Sizes


Whether starting from scratch or recently merged, transitioning your start-up law firm from dream to reality can be extremely challenging and stressful. Securing an office, finding and hiring the right legal staff, defining yourself as a legal identity, all these and more are important steps in creating your start-up.

As your firm develops, it is vital to have a plan in place for generating business. Running a successful legal practice doesn’t only demand insightful business skills, it also requires a strong web presence. Spade Design’s web design and marketing experts will work hard to increase your firm’s visibility.


Being your own boss is liberating. And hard. Attorneys at bigger firms can spend most of their time in court, where they’re most comfortable. As a sole practitioner, the joys of practicing law are mixed with the unfamiliar, and perhaps unwanted, tasks of managing a business.

Being a sole practitioner doesn’t mean you have to be alone. With Spade Design, setting up a beautiful website and making your brand visible has never been easier. Our team will help you to carve out a place against your competitors and gain you more exposure. Use your time to focus on your clients. We’ll worry about the rest.

Boutique Law Firm Web Design

Your boutique law firm (or small law firm), whether just starting up or firmly established, should always be interested in expanding its online web presence. You should have a developed, unique brand identity for your firm to ensure business growth.

A Spade Design law firm website is the most efficient way to your boutique law firm should be a prominent figure in your locale and specialty areas. With more than a decade in the field, Spade Design has helped countless numbers of specialized firms create an image that highlights their strengths and reaches their niche.

Large Law Firm Web Design

As a large firm, you are looking for a highly practiced and credible law firm web design agency to handle your vastly differing needs. Spade Design has the capacity to accommodate the conditions working with a large law firm entails.

Dealing exclusively with lawyers and law firms for more than ten years, Spade Design provides affordable and reliable websites with superb professionalism. We use cutting-edge technology to construct clean, fully responsive websites that secure your place in the mobile world. Contact us today to get started on creating a website that perfectly represents your firm.


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