How Do Loyalty Card Apps Work?

Your Customers Collect Points on a Card

Loyalty Card Process

Every time a client visits your establishment or makes a purchase, they earn a loyalty point on their card. Once the card is complete, it’s time for you to reward them with a gift. Our Loyalty Card Apps make this process easy and give you an ability to market directly with your customers.

Who's it for?

Loyalty Card Apps Work for Every Business

coffe shop mobile app punch card spade design

Bluegrass Coffee *

Food & Drink

The Bluegrass Coffee offers loyalty cards to its clients: after 10 coffees to go, clients get a delicious, free cupcake. A simple yet effective strategy to make sure clients keep coming to the coffee shop!

* This is an example

salon barber mobile app punch card spade design

The Happy Moustache *

Wellness & Beauty

The Happy Moustache relied on a loyalty program to successfully establish themselves in a competitive neighborhood. After 10 visits to the salon, clients get a free consultation with a stylist. A clever way to spread the word and attract new customers!

* This is an example

Small business loyalty card app mobile app

The Green House *


The Green House flower shop experimented with a new approach to reward clients: after 10 purchases, each client earns a coupon to attend a floral design group course. The workshops were a success and brought attention to the store!

* This is an example

health fitness gym mobile app loyalty card

The Fitness Place *

Health & Fitness

The Fitness Place owners decided to implement a loyalty program to reward their female customers: once the 20 session goal is accomplished, clients earn 2 entry tickets for the club’s spa area. A clever way to keep clients coming back!

* This is an example

mobile app design tyler

Leisure Cars *


Leisure Cars came up with a win-win loyalty system: each time a client makes business in a partner establishment, he earns a point on his loyalty card. After 10 points, all additional mileage on his rental agreement becomes complimentary. A cost efficient way to gain visibility.

* This is an example

mobile apps for events

The Ladybird *


The Ladybird concert hall approach exemplifies how a loyalty card can solve an attendance problem. The most loyal clients are rewarded with 2 backstage passes for the concert of their choice. A good way to drive more public to the shows, on a regular basis!

* This is an example

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Different Loyalty Card Styles

3 Display Formats

Offer a Loyalty Card App to your users which they can validate according to your criteria.

Select Your Validation Criteria

QR Code, Check-in & Sharing

Define an action. Your client performs it. He earns a point on his loyalty card.
QR code, manual check-in, social media sharing, you name it.

Offer a Gift as a Reward

Each Completed Card Equals a Gift

Show your most loyal customers that you appreciate their business with additional rewards.
Welcoming a new user into your app, increasing traffic during slow hours, inviting clients to visit you when they’re in the neighborhood, they are all powerful incentives to drive more business your way.

Spread The Word About Your Loyalty Program

Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Push Notifications


Decide what gift your clients will receive once they earn all the points on their loyalty card. Describe it, design it, choose an icon to illustrate it and pick an expiration date.

Analyze and Respond

How Much Do You Earn with your Loyalty Program?

Track the results of your loyalty campaigns. Maximize profits through a dashboard filled with valuable data. Measure your efforts, identify the highest performing and cost-effective campaigns, and adapt your future loyalty campaigns accordingly.

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