Business Dashboards

You could spend hours clicking between your website data, social media statistics, SEO analysis and other metrics. Or you could see the whole picture with all your data together in one place, your business dashboard. Our business dashboards help you make bold choices that lead to unprecedented growth.

Our Powerful Business Intelligence Solution Changes Everything

All Your Data in One Location

We promise growth in spades, and offer proof we deliver. Our reporting software saves time, boosts business revenue and keeps you in the know about online growth. Track how all your digital marketing is performing from a single location with clear, easy to understand data.

What is Business Intelligence?

Understanding data is critical to online success, but it’s not easy. Every marketing channel has its own dashboard and reporting system. Just when you learn where to find your information, they update their system and you have to spend another chunk of your life re-learning everything. But without data, you don’t know whether or not your marketing efforts are working and what’s causing that failure or success.

Our business intelligence service displays all your information in one place. It’s easy to find and easy to understand. You get business analytics, data mining and visualization tools for a comprehensive view of your data so you can make informed decisions.

Why You Need (Can’t Afford to Live Without) Business Intelligence

Data visualization helps you spot market trends
Simplified reports provide stakeholders with actionable insights
Accurate and timely data reveals consumer behavior patterns
Performance metrics and benchmarking enables you to track growth
Comprehensive overview allows you to optimize across channels
Easy-to-Use Dashboard simplifies sharing and collaboration

Data We Provide

You can access your dashboard at any time for an ultraprecise view of where your business is online. We can also deliver marketing reports straight to your email inbox at whatever interval you choose. Whether you view it from your dashboard or via email, here are just some of the examples of the data we provide as part of our business intelligence services.

  • Current Google Rankings with percentage increase or decrease
  • Site traffic including repeat and new visitors broken down by source
  • Powerful keyword rank tracking
  • Facebook likes, engagement, reach, audience growth and other data
  • Google Ads campaign analysis, PPC metrics, cost per conversion and more
  • YouTube subscribers, views, minutes watched etc.

Imagine the insights you’ll glean and the growth you’ll experience when you see all of the critical data from all of your marketing channels in one place. We make it easy.

Supercharge Your Digital Marketing

No more wondering if what you’re doing is working. No more throwing money in the wrong direction. And no more trusting whether your digital marketing agency is steering you in the right direction.

With hard data at your fingertips, you can see for yourself exactly what’s going on for maximum success. Schedule an online consultation today and we’ll put our business intelligence services to work for you.

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