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Content is like irresistible bait for Google bots and people. The right content makes you more visible online to search engines and consumers looking for you. Spade Design’s experts can show you how to use business blogging and other content as a critical component of your social media marketing, to increase website traffic and to build relationships with clients.

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Content is Critical to Online Success

Start a Business Blog to Drive Sales

We can help create a business blog that establishes you as a leader in your industry. Instead of chasing clients to make sales they’ll come to you for the helpful, useful posts in your business blog. Each article is its own keyword-rich web page for improved search engine ranking.

What Exactly Do You Mean by Content?

Spade Design helps businesses create and use media to generate awareness of products and services and show you’re a trustworthy, helpful authority within your field.

People don’t want to be sold to anymore. If you try, they think you’re pushy, and you might lose them forever. What they do want is on-demand information. When they search for questions related to what you offer and your content is created and positioned correctly, they find you.

We encourage every business to include a blog on their website and as part of their social media marketing. We also work with clients to use other types of content marketing to increase traffic, build relationships and drive sales.

Content Examples

Blog posts
Social media posts
Email marketing
Original research
Downloadable lead magnets
Case Studies

Does Your Business Need Blog Content?

The data in favor of blogging and other content marketing is staggering:

  • Businesses that blog receive a mind-boggling 97% more leads to their website.¹
  • 70% of consumers stop to learn about a company through an article instead of through ads.²
  • Businesses that blog receive 434 percent more indexed pages, a driver of organic traffic.³
  • Blogging companies have 55% more website visitors.⁴

If your business wants improved awareness, more website traffic, higher search engine ranking, and more paying customers, add a blog and start producing content.

The Problem With Content

The benefits are great, and we’ve helped client after client receive them, but there’s a very real problem when it comes to creating blog posts and other content marketing. It’s hard, and it’s time-consuming.

The stats are always changing, but pages at the top of search engine results average something like 1,600 words or more. And that content has to be completely original, thoroughly researched, written in your brand voice to your target audience. Most people don’t have time to generate that type of material, especially on a regular basis. They don’t want to hire a full-time writer, and nobody else on staff has the time.

Businesses start a blog, write two posts, then it sits. Nobody reads what’s there. They conclude blogging doesn’t work.

Content and Blogging Made Easy

Spade Design saves business owners time and money while getting them all the benefits of blogging and other content marketing. Our content experts do your keyword research, get to know your audience, create questionnaires, conduct phone interviews and more to provide content marketing the way you would say it if you had the time. Schedule an online consultation to find out more.

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