Google Ads Management

Pay-Per-Click Lead Generation with Google AdWords

We specialize in Google Ad Management (previously known as Google Adwords) and we typically boost conversions by 200% while simultaneously bringing down your cost per lead acquisition. One thing is for sure, the cost you spend on the management of your Google Adwords Campaign should pay for itself as our team will reduce your cost per click and increase conversions.

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Research & Planning

We will conduct detailed research regarding your business, your industry, and the competitors that you’ll be competing against.


  • Keyword Research & Planning
  • Budget Analysis
  • Anticipated Search Numbers
  • Conversion Projections
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Industry & Market Review
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Launch & Manage

Launching a Google Ads Campaign is just the beginning. Evolving it into an optimized lead generation system takes constant management.


  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Google Ads Campaign Set Up
  • Google Ad Copy Creation
  • Ongoing Management
  • A/B Optimization
  • Weekly & Monthly Meetings
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Track & Optimize

We track and report on what ads are creating leads and which are not. We monitor, adapt, and continuously improve to achieve the best results.


  • Conversion Rate Analysis
  • Content Review & Modifications
  • Google Analytics Review
  • Keyword Bid Adjustments
  • Scripting Automation

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We Make PPC More Effective & More Efficient

Google Adwords Management

When we manage your Google Adwords Campaign, our mission is to increase your bottom line. That’s the simple explanation and it’s where the real fun begins. We believe in full transparency and track all data, properly analyze it, then take actionable insights, and execute the necessary changes in order to continuously get better results.

Although we can use scripting for extremely tailored and realtime changes, all of our campaign strategies have real, live, human intelligence behind them. This is key to our clients’ Google Adwords success. to put it simply, we do the work and you get to Grow in Spades.

Reviews & Testimonials

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Supplement Search Engine Optimization with Google Ads

Instant Lead Generation To Supplement SEO

For optimal success, we learn about your business, we understand your goals, research your competitors, and analyze all of the data necessary to make sure we have everything we need to get you the results you want.

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure sure that we’re a good fit to work with your company before we begin a relationship. If you already have an existing Google Adwords account that you want us to manage, We will have you grant access to our Google MCC account and then our team will do a comprehensive analysis, and determine areas of improvement. We will make recommendations, create an action plan, and discuss anything else that we think will make an improvement in your ad performance.

If you do not have an Adword account, we will set one up for you. We’ll still analyze your industry and your market, and we’ll still provide a plan that will enable your company to Grow in Spades.

This process is much more detailed than the typical project-based approach that most other digital marketing agencies or freelancers offer. However, we believe that it is the only way to truly be successful and reach peak optimization. Not only will it provide us the opportunity to ensure we’re the right fit for you, but it also takes out the guessing game of whether or not we can achieve the results you want to see.

Simple Pricing, Full Transparency

Adword Campaign Management To Grow In Spades

Local Google Ad Campaigns
Regional Google Ad Campaigns

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Added Benefits of Working with Spade Design

Real-Time Dashboard, Tracking, and Recording

In addition to being certified Google Partners, we believe in full transparency and reporting of our work. Here are a few things that make Spade Design different from other PPC Management Agencies.

Lead Tracking, Validation & Reporting

We track, validate, and report leads in real-time through an online dashboard that you can access 24/7. Our in-house tracks every phone call and reads every form submission, we can separate true sales leads from spam, and display everything through an online dashboard where you can review them at your convenience.


Better Lead Follow-up

Since you can review leads in real-time, you can act on them while they are hot. This can make the difference between closing the sale and losing a sales opportunity forever.

Precise Campaign ROI Calculations

Separating sales leads from everything else (e.g., misdials, job inquiries, spam calls), you can determine exactly how many leads your campaign generates.

An additional benefit of our AdWords Management Service is rapid, continuous campaign improvement. We don’t “set it and forget it.” The validated sales lead data we display through the online dashboard helps us make significant improvements to your campaign on the fly. Our system also enables you to improve your internal sales process. On the online dashboard, you can listen to every phone call, from beginning to end. Clients tell us that listening to these calls helps them route calls more professionally and fine-tune their sales messaging.

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