Join us Thursday, November 3rd at Jack Ryans Steak House for a fabulous lunch and presentation on Holiday Email Marketing. Tis the season for all things red and white, candy cane flavored, and snow covered? Not really, its October, but for people that make their living off Christmas Sales it’s time to get started. With the undeniable trend of shopping online local businesses must burst into the 21st century with an aggressive, proactive strategy to hook fickle shoppers and to compete with big boxes. In this lunch we will be discussing timed email blasts, digital coupons, and other things to drive business to your store.

We want this to be an intimate setting that nurtures questioning and gives you valuable face time with our experts. In order to achieve this, we are limiting attendance to 12 people in order to maximize your learning potential and the time we can devote to individuals. The 12 slots will be on a first come first serve basis and by the feedback we have received we expect it to fill up quickly.

What you get:

Lunch from one of our favorite restaurants in town.

30-40 minute presentation on Holiday Email Marketing including: email content ideas, how to create shareworthy emails, prepping your customers for the holidays, and how to be a resource and not a salesman.

30-40 minute Q&A session with our experts where you can ask any and all questions. Bring your laptop. Follow along. If we have time we can take you through some of these things step by step.

What it costs:

$50. Right!? Why so cheap? Because we believe in giving back to the community and we enjoy helping committed DIY individuals succeed. Normally our consultation services start at $150 per hour.

Space is limited!