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At Spade Design, we’re problem solvers. One problem our clients have is deciding which of our website design services are the right fit. Here we answer your most common questions.

FAQs About
Website Design &
Managed Services

 What website management services do you offer?

Choose from our website management services based on your business needs. Select from the following:

Project-based website services – If you have a one-time project, we can quote you a one-time fee. You might also trust us for ongoing webmaster services. Our clients use project-based services for tasks like auditing an existing website designer, implementing e-commerce add-ons, fixing technical and SEO errors or applying an onsite SEO strategy. They also turn to us when they own their servers and have an in-house team for website maintenance, but they need high-quality website design.

Turnkey services – This service saves you from the stress of trying to figure out everything you need for website design and the disappointment of websites that don’t live up to your expectations. If you don’t have a website or your current one is outdated, turnkey services give you hosting, domain registration, website development, search engine optimization, site security, backups and everything else you need for ongoing success.

What if I don’t need a new website or complete redesign?

We’re experts at all things WordPress. If you like your existing website and you just need someone to handle updates, edits, and changes, schedule a conference for a no-obligation quote.

Do I have to sign up for monthly website maintenance?

Turnkey services include monthly maintenance and updates so you never have to worry about the tasks needed to keep your website performing at its best. For many businesses, that’s more cost-effective than hiring the staff for in-house maintenance and purchasing and maintaining what they need for hosting. If that’s the route you choose, you’re free to cancel at any time.

However, we also offer standalone website design. With project-based web design, you pay an up-front fee, we design your custom website, then we turn it over to your staff to be hosted on your server.

What do you charge upfront?

We tailor pricing to your business needs. Pricing depends on your project’s details, complexity and ongoing support requirements. Basically, our project-based services usually involve a deposit and/or upfront payment, while turnkey services are ongoing and monthly.

Our pricing is always easy-to-understand and straightforward, with no hidden fees. When you schedule an online consultation, we can give you a quote based on exactly what you ask for, nothing you don’t.

What happens to my old website during a redesign?

If you hire Spade Design to create a new website for you, your old one will stay active until you approve your website design or redesign.

What if I decide to cancel?

With project-based web design, you pay upfront for the services we provide. If you decide to cancel, you keep everything you paid for, and we’ll still be available next time you need us.

With turnkey services, you pay for your website’s hosting, theme, code structure, plug-ins, licenses and updates on an ongoing basis. You’re not locked into a contract, but if you cancel your website might become unavailable. We always offer the option to purchase all the items related to your website outright if you want to handle things yourself or work with another agency.

Can I buy the business website you design?

Yes. While many agencies and online website builders lock you in by forcing you to use their services or their platform, we don’t. If you build your website using Wix, Shopify or another closed-source platform, the hard work you put in doesn’t belong to you, and the monthly fees you pay are like rent.

When we design your website, you can purchase it from us at any point. We don’t have to hold client websites hostage, because we provide the ongoing value and business growth in spades.

What can I expect from customer support?

You’ll never have to navigate a confusing phone menu, spend hours on hold or struggle to understand the person you’re depending on for support. Our team gets to know your business, and we’re consistently available by email, phone or online consultation. We’re Texas-based, with regular business hours and friendly, responsive staff.

How long does website design take?

On average, website design takes about a month. However, the time to complete your website depends on your project requirements and the resources needed to get you exactly what fits your needs.

For example, when clients complete their website design questionnaire quickly, supply needed resources and provide clear, timely revision requests, we often finish the job ahead of the projected completion date. If your team needs time to gather page copy and images and wants to discuss the design over an extended time frame, it takes longer. Either way, we want you to have a website that fits your brand and is customized to your taste.

How quickly can you address my project-based web design needs?

When you submit a request, you’ll hear from us before the end of the next business day. At that point, we can give you an accurate turnaround time based on your needs and our project calendar.

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