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SEO That Accelerates Your Rankings

SEO packages from Spade Design do more than just improve the amount of traffic that lands on your website. It also increases brand awareness, customer loyalty, client trust, new leads, and overall return on your marketing investment.

What if we could prove there’s a reliable way to drastically improve your SEO ranking? Our SEO Accelerator Program™ is a monthly service that can revolutionize the search engine optimization process for your business. See consistent, measurable growth in your domain ranking and watch your business start to compete for those coveted top spots. Our program works for all keywords, all industries, even those highly competitive ones.

However, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We offer a number of SEO services and packages for your company’s needs and we’ll work with you to determine the best approach.

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It’s hard to know what to believe when it comes to search engine optimization. On one hand, you get those crazy emails where some web design agency you’ve never heard of promises to make you number one on Google. Then other digital marketing companies say some industries are too competitive, you could waste years and thousands but never see results. A lot of business owners have jumped through somebody else’s hoops and gotten nowhere, then concluded SEO doesn’t work.

The truth is, search engine optimization is fundamental to helping the right people find your business online. A well designed, functional, and informative website is a must, but that alone won’t get you traffic. And if no one visits your website, you won’t have leads, conversions, or online growth.

Spade Design achieves consistent rankings and results for our clients through our SEO Accelerator Program, taking an individualized approach to each website and helping our clients Grow in Spades with effective, affordable, local SEO in Tyler, TX, Dallas and beyond.

On-Site SEO Track

If you already have a website, we’ll optimize everything about it. Not only for search engines but for real human users also. Plus, we’ll set you up with a plan to achieve the best possible results moving forward.


  • Technical SEO
  • On-Site/On-Page Content
  • Internal Linking Structure
  • Meta & Schema Data
  • User Experience
  • Conversion Optimization

Content Track

Content is vital input for people and irresistible food for search engines. Unique, expertly crafted content targets the keywords your ideal customers are typing into Google so when they search, they find you.


  • 1-4 Articles/Blog Posts
  • Keyword Research
  • Up to 2,500 of Amazing Content
  • Proper Keyword Placement
  • Optimized Meta Tags
  • Optimized Images

Link Building Track

Google boosts content ranking for websites with high domain authority. The higher your score, the better chance you have of high ranking. We help businesses improve their domain authority by securing backlinks from trusted sources. 


  • Equal to Greater Authority Links
  • Link Building Outreach
  • 5 High-Quality New Backlinks
  • White Hat Techniques Only
  • No Blacklisted Methods



We like concrete goals, systematic processes, and measurable gains, and the businesses that choose us to do too. When you participate in our SEO Accelerator Program™ , every month we’ll send you an easy-to-understand breakdown of what you received and the impact it had on traffic and conversions.

SEO Accelerator Program™ Onboarding

When you sign up for the program, we’ll spend the first 30 days getting your existing website into top shape. We’ll start with a comprehensive SEO audit to identify and correct areas that are holding you back. Along the way, we’ll optimize website security and perform any needed maintenance.

Track Selection

Once your website is in its best health, we’ll schedule a meeting to go over which track(s) will be most effective for your business, how we’ll get you started on those tracks, and what you can expect in the months ahead. You might see the greatest SEO improvement from on-page SEO, content creation, link building or a combination of the three.

Continuous Improvement

SEO is a process, and what search engines and audiences prioritize is constantly changing. That’s why every three months we’ll meet to review data and plot a course to even greater success. Change or add tracks as needed so you never waste time and money on SEO optimization that isn’t a perfect fit.

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What Does Spade Design’s SEO Accelerator Program™  Cost?

Stay in control of your SEO optimization budget when you pick and choose exactly what you need.

Any One Track

Keep things simple with either on-site SEO, customized content, or link building. Add or switch tracks at will each quarter.

Get Started

Pick Any Two Tracks

Select your two favorite tracks from our SEO Accelerator Program™️. In three months, stay on those tracks or adjust as needed.

Get Started

Three Tracks

Go all-in with everything in our arsenal for SEO optimization success. You’ll still have the option to make adjustments every three months.

Get Started

All tracks have a one-time $350 onboarding and analysis for any plan. The setup fee is charged at signup, monthly packages will then begin after 30 days from your initial signup date.



What makes the SEO Accelerator Program™ such a resounding success is the fact that it gives businesses the building blocks for SEO optimization, then offers a choice in how to use them. The blocks you need depend on what you’re building.

If your business already has some of those components in place, you don’t need an SEO agency to do work that isn’t needed. If you need one or you want them all, we can do the right method.

The thing is, businesses see maximum success when they use the right SEO strategies. To make things easy, we’ve broken those strategies down into categories or tracks based on what’s involved and how they impact ranking:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building

Whether you choose one, two, or all three tracks, you’ll see improved traffic and search results. And our SEO experts will help you continually refine your approach until you see the type of success you almost didn’t think was achievable.

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On-page or on-site SEO is the process of fine-tuning everything about your website so it signals to search engines what you offer and brings in more of your ideal audience. It creates a cycle of success because as more people search for and find you, search engines have more data to support your website’s relevance for important keywords.

On-page SEO is the starting point for success. Your business website might just need a few small changes, or it might require major reconstruction, but without strong on-site SEO, you don’t have a very good chance of improving your website’s search engine ranking.

When clients sign up for the SEO Accelerator Program™, we recommend they spend at least their first quarter on this track. When you do, we’ll turn underperforming websites into a solid foundation for online success.

Content Is King

Content Creation Track

When web pages don’t contain much information, we say they have “thin” content. That’s about as satisfying as a two-second video or a one bite candy bar. People and search engines want more.

Serve up rich, optimized content that satisfies their appetite now and keeps them coming back for more. Our content creation track gives you all the ingredients you need.

Our content marketing experts start with keyword research, analyzing what phrases your audience Googles when they look for what you offer. We’ll gather information on how many people search for those phrases and what it might take to rank for them. Then we’ll use our research to craft unique content in your brand voice speaking directly to that target audience.

Your track includes up to 2,500 words of content you can use any way you choose. Get one piece of long-form content or multiple smaller posts. We’ll walk you through your options and help you evaluate what types of content work best for your business.

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Link Building Track

Search engines use links to find new web pages and to decide how relevant and popular a page is for particular search results. People also use links to find new web pages and decide whether or not websites are worthy of their trust.

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to your own. Not all links are equal. Links from poor quality websites or sites that have nothing to do with your business won’t help you, and they could drag you down. Quality links come from high authority websites that are relevant to what you offer.

When you choose our link building track, we’ll perform link outreach to get you 5 high-quality new backlinks from websites with authority equal to or greater than your own. And unlike some SEO agencies, we’ll do it without spammy black hat techniques that could get you blacklisted.


Onboarding & Analysis

The first month of our SEO Accelerator Program™ always consists of 30 days of Onboarding and Analysis. Whatever track(s) you select for your first quarter, we’ll start you off with a comprehensive website health checkup. This first step costs a one-time, flat fee of $350.

To get where you want to go, you need an accurate view of your starting point. Here are some of the factors we’ll evaluate:

  • Assets you already own
  • Issues that stand in the way of organic search visibility
  • Usability problems that could be alienating visitor
  • Maintenance needs or security flaws
  • Traffic trends that reveal consumer preferences and pain points
  • Keywords for which your competitors are ranking you might be missing

Once we finish your audit, the next step of onboarding is to go over what we’ve found and talk about what tracks best serve your needs. Some clients start with just one, others go with all three, many like to mix and match.

After that, enrollment is on a month-to-month basis. We don’t lock you into a contract or agreement, we just ask you stay on the track(s) you selected for three months at a time. That way you have time to experience what’s working and gather data that supports any changes you want to make.

Transparency and accountability are a big deal to us, and we imagine to you as well. Track the return on your investment with monthly reports that break down what you received and how your rankings changed. There’s no guesswork, just data-backed results.

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