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Spade Design specializes in web design and development, to create and manage sites that rank high and generate leads for your business. We know, a lot web design companies say that, but we'll prove it by showing you what's wrong with your existing site and talk about our strategy to improve it.

Our Free website audit and SEO Report will be a complete assessment of your website. There's no hard sell, you get a free report, and we get the opportunity to earn about your business to see if we're a good fit to work together. You can keep the report when we're done!

Web Design

Our responsive web design is strategic and engaging so we can reach your intended audience, and convert them into customers.

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Business Coaching

Our business coaching will help you get your business online and provide the necessary steps for a solid digital marketing foundation.

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Marketing Automation

Automating time-consuming processes, we can help you save time and money. Making it easier to scale your business efficiently.

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Social Media Management

Social Media is a vital tool for marketing your business because if you aren’t speaking to your audience, someone else is.

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Content & Blogging

Spade Design’s blog writers will use content marketing as a critical component of your digital marketing and social media.

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence dashboards will pull in and display all your marketing metrics in one single place.

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Marketing Consulting

As marketing consultants, we will help improve your marketing process, marketing strategies, and even train your marketing team.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design and Branding is vital in communicating your brand’s message effectively and attracting the right audience.

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Tailored to your business

Proven Expertise & Measurable Results

We stay at the top of our industry by being an expert in yours. We help to implement marketing strategies and perfect your digital marketing tactics, all while surpassing goals and bringing a return on investment. We work with new and established companies by building or re-evaluating your digital strategies, establishing buyer personas, and increasing sales by targeted lead generation. Our services guide companies into the brave new world where audiences talk back, businesses never close and the only limit isn’t technology, but the ability to use it. Don’t take our word for it, check with some of our current and past clients.

Inserve Mechanical

Cook In Tuscany

Psychedelic Robot 

Comfort Smiles

Ebby Holliday 

High Hill Farm

Snola Snowballs

Bay Area Car Care Products

Gold Leaf Gallery

Affordable Shredding

Explore Jacksonville

ECX Systems

La Chiusa Hotel

Austin Bank

Real Edge Realty

Grace Acupuncture

Chuck Fawcett Realty

Elite Fitness 

Monsour Law Firm

Bayless Custom Homes

WestWind Homes

Cyndi Garrett Realty

Progressive IT Services

Perrin’s Restaurant

Graphic Design Projects

Managed Websites

Social Media Clients

Our Guarantee

Let’s be clear about guarantees and what you should do when you hear promises about rankings. Some marketing agencies are worried about the next big fad, while other web design companies are simply trying to keep up. Many seem to do more talking than listening. Promising rankings they can’t control or pushing their own agenda, instead of understanding your business and developing a strategy to help it grow.

We’re different. We listen and learn about your business. We analyze your goals and discuss whether or not we can help you achieve them. If we say we can, we’ll back up our work with more than words.

We grow companies

in Spades

Spade Design is a web design company and digital marketing agency with offices throughout Dallas, Ft Worth, Austin, Houston, and East Texas; in Tyler and Longview. Our Internet Marketing Agency specializes in turning your website design into your best employee.

We work with businesses that understand their digital strategies require day-to-day management and companies that want to extend the abilities of their in-house marketing department by working with a marketing agency.

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