Business Automations to Help Your Company Run While You Sleep

Business automation has the power to change how you do things and set your company up to virtually run itself. While this never means you can sit back and stop paying attention, it does mean you're now free to spend more time focusing on those things that automation can't do instead of losing valuable time and energy to mundane tasks. At Spade Design, we can help you set up the right automation to save time and money and free up person-hours for value-add functions.

Written By Matthew Martin

May 1, 2020

Business automation has the power to change how you do things and set your company up to virtually run itself. While this never means you can sit back and stop paying attention, it does mean you’re now free to spend more time focusing on those things that automation can’t do instead of losing valuable time and energy to mundane tasks. At Spade Design, we can help you set up the right automation to save time and money and free up person-hours for value-add functions.

Sales and Marketing Automation

If you were to list some of the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks at your business, following up on leads and email marketing would probably be fairly high on any list. Add to this that there’s more data out there than ever to draw from in targeting customers, and you have a conundrum: enormous amounts of very valuable data that requires a huge investment in menial tasks to make something of. Business automation can change all that. Download the free guide to Grow Your Business While You Sleep.

Social Media and Blogging

By using our automation service, your marketing workflow becomes instantly more efficient. Connect social media accounts with one another, so you’re sending a consistent message everywhere and automatically updating customers across channels. When you release a new blog post, for instance, you can be certain that engaging notifications go out to your followers across every social media platform where you have an account. When you put a new video on your Facebook page, you people will know about it wherever they are on the Internet. Best of all, this all happens automatically, without you having to continually work at it. Free Guide With 5 Tips To Successful Social Media Marketing

Finding and Following Up

Sourcing quality leads, and then following up on them is a huge time sink for any business. Your potential customers are connected to the Internet at every step of life. Everything from their cars to their phones, their refrigerators to their laptops are online, and sending out information about them continuously. In exchange for that information, they want personalized, meaningful interactions that target them with services and products that offer value to meet their personal pain points. With marketing automation, you can send personalized text messages automatically, automate lead tagging and follow up, and respond to customer behavior personally and with a human touch, yet automatically and never forgetting that strong call to action. Consider one possible scenario where you offer a free resource for download at your website. With our systems, notifications automatically go out via social media, drawing people to the site. Those who sign up for the download automatically get a welcome email and carefully targeted future emails introducing them to what you can do for them. Those who visit without filling out the form get automatically re-targeted. If you want to see this in action, download our free guide to Grow Your Business While You Sleep and experience what this is like.

Keep the Sales Pipeline Full

The only way to be sure your sales pipeline stays full is to constantly be lead gathering, pulling B2B information, email addresses, and contacts and keeping the top of the funnel full with quality leads that go into your CRM. Once there, the whole sales communication process can then be automated, from content gathering for clients to onboarding communications, to nurturing lead sequences. All you have to do is create the offer. Then automation allows you to quickly run targeted campaigns and build out your forms and landing pages to effectively reach your target audience. Automation allows all this to happen while still shortening your to-do list and giving you back valuable time. You also save money on staffing and free up your teams to do other tasks as you allow automation to follow your rules for up-selling, cross-selling, and pursuing leads.

Billing and Business Intelligence Automations

With automated billing and business analytics through our system, you don’t have to struggle with learning multiple systems to get a handle on all your data. Without access to that data, you can’t get a handle on whether your marketing efforts are successful or what might be behind each success or failure. Yet you also don’t want to spend half your life re-learning each system or dashboard every time there’s an update. Streamline your life and get access to the instant, easy-to-understand analytics you need through just one service that puts all your information in one place. With it, you’ll be able to quickly understand customer behavior patterns and market trends to make the most of them and adjust your marketing or customer services quickly. Instead of hunting through reams of data to find the critical pieces, it’s all there in front of you just when you need it.

The Information You Need

Instead of tasking a team to stop working on other matters to generate a report and then waiting for a report that may already be out-of-date by the time you get it, you can have instant access to the data you need, either via a simple-to-understand dashboard view or email report. Your dashboard will keep track of your Google ranking and the percentage of increase or decrease your seeing, along with site traffic reports. At a glance, you can see who is visiting your site and where they’re coming from. With keyword rank tracking, you’ll identify quickly if your keyword marketing efforts are having the success you expect and why or why not. Keep track of your Google Ads and whether they’re generating the revenue you need. Get a detailed analysis of PPC metrics, cost per conversion, and more so you can make smart, data-driven decisions quickly. You can also see at a glance your Facebook likes, audience growth, engagement details, and other key data. You get the same analysis of your YouTube channel, so you know how many views you’re getting, how long people are watching, where they come from, and more. Our new system gives you instant access to view your dashboards, here’s what it looks like: Business Dashboard, google analytics dashboard,

What You Can Do With It

If you’re not making the most of the digital intelligence that’s available to you, you’ll be amazed at the insights business automation can provide and what you can do with them.

Performance Metrics

With all your key performance metrics and benchmarking at your fingertips, you can easily track growth and see it all in real numbers. Customer requirements and preferences can sometimes be vague, but metrics give you objective data about how it’s working.

Data Visualization

With simple, clear visualizations of your data, you can spot market trends and notice patterns in consumer behavior that give you an edge over the competition and allow you to respond with greater speed and flexibility. Data visualizations also allow you to make stronger value propositions, communicate information more quickly, and motivate your teams as they see exactly how great a difference their actions are making (or failing to make).

Actionable Insights

When your business automation provides you with simplified reports that clearly lay out what’s working and what’s not, you can prepare better reports with actionable insights. This means you spend less time spitballing ideas and more time acting on what you know works.

Share and Collaborate

One of the most time-consuming parts of running a business is getting the right data in the right format to the right people at the right time. With all the relevant data at your fingertips in one clear dashboard, you can pull key data and send it instantly to the people who need to see it: and in a clear, simple-to-grasp format. Cut down on unnecessary meetings while still ensuring everyone gets the information they need to make decisions or come up with strategies that work.

Make Billing Simpler

A simplified, automated billing process can run itself and save you an enormous amount of time on tasks like calculating tax, discounts, and coupons or prorating payments, while still accepting payment via multiple payment methods and pricing plans depending on the target market. It’s a complex process, but a mundane one that business automation can deal with for you.

Maximize Your Revenue With Dunning

If you’re experiencing revenue leakage, you’re not alone. Dunning management finds the loopholes in communication and ensures customers are immediately contacted, so you get the payments you’re owed. Dunning starts by re-trying multiple times when a credit card payment fails and follows up quickly with email notifications to get customers to respond.

Allow for Smooth Changes

When customers want to make a change to their subscription plan, they want the process to be smooth. And they don’t want a downgrade or an upgrade to slip through the cracks, so they’re charged for what they’re not using or not getting what they’re paying extra for. With an automated billing process, you can handle these changes with ease and minimize any possibility of mistakes.

Get Your Business Running Itself With Business Automations

There are plenty of things to do at your business that only you and your team are capable of doing: things no computer or automated process can handle. Stop wasting your valuable person-hours on mundane tasks and set those parts of your business up to run itself. Download the free guide to Grow Your Business While You Sleep.


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