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What Are Alt Tags and Are They Really Still Important?

So many of the websites we come across are missing something that’s incredibly simple to use, and it has a huge payoff in terms of SEO and the user experience. Here’s everything you need to know about alt tags.

Google Announces September 2019 Update Happening Today

On Twitter this morning Google broke the news we can expect a broad core algorithm update some time today. It’s the second time this year they made a statement before rolling out a broad change. Today’s announcement was on Twitter, here it is in case you missed it:...

8 Mobile SEO Best Practices for Google Search in 2019

How to Rank Higher on Mobile Businesses at the top of mobile search make more money. Right now Americans are using their cell phones to Google your products and services. Implementing mobile SEO best practices must be a priority if you want them to find you. During...

SEO Best Practices for Your Small Business Website

If you're researching SEO best practices, it's probably because you want your website at the top of Google's search results. The problem is, search engine optimization is always changing. Google updates search algorithms with exhausting regularity, it feels impossible...
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