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Facebook Ads During COVID-19: Should You Run Them or Not?

Facebook Ads During COVID-19: Should You Run Them or Not? Our lives have changed a lot over the last few weeks. We're staying at home, isolating ourselves from other people, changing how we work, how we live, and we're not sure when it will change. Even with all the...

Update – Facebook Is Changing How It Displays Comments

Social media marketing for business is hard, and it seems to keep getting harder. The rules and tools are always changing. Experts say study your target audience and invest your marketing dollars where they hang out. Early this year Pew Research reported seven out of...

Ultimate Social Media Checklist for Business Owners

You heard promises of huge growth if you just started marketing your business places like Facebook and Instagram. You know a huge chunk of your audience visits social media at least once a day, so it seemed like a good idea. So you took photos, maybe shot some video...

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Community Banks

How active is your community bank on social media? If you think Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other channels are just for posting vacation photos and keeping up with relatives in other states, think again. Social media changed the landscape for almost every...
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