How Your Blog and Social Media Management Work Together

Use your blog as fuel for your social media management. Funnel increased traffic to your blog with social media Tyler. Spade Design explains how. Social media management and blogging go hand in hand because they are critical components of your online presence. Marketing no longer just involves buying billboards, creating radio ads and sending direct mail. Your business needs a social media marketing strategy combined with solid content and an experienced social media agency for ongoing success. Find out how to use social media Tyler and blogging to drive traffic to your website and through your doors.

Written By Matthew Martin

April 2, 2018

Social Media Management and Your Online Presence

Social media management and blogging go hand in hand because they are critical components of your online presence and digital marketing. Marketing no longer just involves buying billboards, creating radio ads and sending direct mail. Your business needs a social media marketing strategy combined with solid content and an experienced social media agency for ongoing success. Find out how to use social media Tyler and blogging to drive traffic to your website and through your doors.

5 Components of Your Online Presence

For successful social media marketing, these parts of your online presence must work together.

  • Your website – Your web design plays a major role if you want traffic, make it easy to navigate and full of helpful resources. Use it to tell your story, create trust and provide information on what you offer. You can do many of those things with your blog.
  • Social media – Choose the platforms on which your users are active. Then work with your social media agency to create a social media marketing strategy that includes blog posts that align with your brand. (Check out: Why You Need a Social Media Management Strategy)
  • Organic SEO – When users search for words related to your products or services, where your business ranks on search engine results pages can be the difference between success and failure. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves producing keyword rich, user-friendly content. It also involves developing backlinks from other sites. Use blogging to do both.
  • Online advertising – Pay per click campaigns are even more effective when you align them with your social media marketing strategy.
  • Consumer interactions and email marketing – Whether customers contact you through your website, on social media Tyler or by commenting on posted content, how you respond is part of your online presence. Use interactions to build a list of email subscribers who are even more responsive than social media followers.

But Do You Really Have to Have a Blog?

Some people think a blog is just for vanity, but the right social media agency can show you how to create content for user engagement and SEO. And yes, your business needs one.

Call them articles, educational resources, news updates or industry reports. They’re important to SEO and social media in Tyler because of how users find you online and how search engines index pages.

Social media content is short, which makes it hard to keep users engaged or give them real brand insight. Without a blog, it becomes difficult for even the best social media agency to implement a social media management strategy.

How Google Works

Google and other search engines want to provide users with relevant information that exactly fits what they’re looking for. To do that, search engines use web crawlers to collect information from every online page and organize it by topic. Crawlers or bots act a little like librarians that catalog where everything is located and what information it contains.

When bots find a new page, they scan its titles, headings, images, text and other content to see what it’s about. When other sites link to your page, they consider it a vote in favor of your content. They take those signals back to search engines.

Google also notes other factors like how many distinct users click on your page and how much time they spend there to assign a ranking.

Basically, when you have more traffic, users spend a long time consuming your content and related sites link to yours, your search engine ranking improves.

Social media management drives more traffic to your site. You have more traffic and hopefully greater engagement.

What Does That Have to do With Blogging?

Every blog post functions like its own webpage. Let’s say you sell real estate. That’s an extremely competitive field because there are so many real estate professionals in the area. Plus, Trulia and Zillow are so huge they take up a large part of the first search engine results page.

It can feel impossible to get your content in front of interested users. That’s where both blogging and social media management come in.

Blogging allows you to target key demographics and social media management helps you reach them.

In the real estate example, some of your potential clients are likely first time home buyers. Others are downsizing because they’re retiring or their children are grown. Each segment has unique needs and concerns.

When people are just starting to think about buying a home, most start their search online. New buyers might search for information on getting a mortgage or choosing a home that’s energy-efficient. Retirees might research how to pay off their home loan quickly. Social media Tyler allows you to reach those audiences.

Create effective content when you uncover what your users are interested in and provide it. Web crawlers will index it to find what it’s about. Then, when users search, they discover what you created.

If your content is well written, they stay and read it. Search engines recognize how many users clicked on your page and their dwell time once they got there.

Your ranking improves, which gains you more users and the cycle continues.

Social media management uses your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other accounts to drive traffic to your blog. Your social media agency can help you identify the best way to do so on each channel.

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What Type of Content Integrates Blogging and Social Media Marketing?

When it comes to social media Tyler, the most successful types of blog posts fall into these categories:

  • How-to posts explain the steps to solve a problem.
  • Lists offer the greatest hits, most effective methods or top choices.
  • Why posts help readers make a decision. They provide evidence and supporting details that lead to the writer’s conclusion.
  • What posts are backed by research and driven by data. They offer helpful information that’s important to your audience.

An experienced social media agency can help you identify what types of posts will be most effective for your audience.

Tips for the Actual Writing

Lists are, by a very narrow margin, the most shared type of post. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean all you have to do is crank out lists and watch them go viral. If your content isn’t compelling, no one will read it. Social media management is about building relationships.

On every blog post, include the author’s photo and biographical information to build trust. In an online world, users want to see there’s a person on the other side of the machine.

Start with a headline users can’t pass up. Appeal to their emotions. Awe, amusement, and joy are the feelings with the most powerful reach.

Don’t sell a hamburger, offer them a chance to indulge themselves. Instead of offering just a list, use your title to convey the information will make them smarter than their peers. Then comes the hard part, delivering on that promise.

Many people assume if users hear about a post through social media Tyler and access it on their mobile device, they probably want bite-sized tidbits. They write short, shallow articles that look like everyone else’s.

Users click once or twice, then realize it’s not worth the investment of their time. You lose them both on social media Tyler and your website.

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How Long Should Content Be?

Long form content performs best because it offers users more value for their time. Last year SEMRush released a report that found longer pages ranked higher, with content over 3,000 words getting the most shares.

Images also help posts perform better, so include infographics and high-quality photos to capture attention and move the reader through long portions of text. Format social media marketing and blog posts for skimming with clear headings and bullet points.

Using Social Media Tyler to Drive Traffic to Your Website

People often ask their social media agency how often they should post. The best practice is to share as regularly as possible, but emphasize quality over quantity.

From your blog, link to your social media Tyler accounts to gain followers. Also, invite visitors to sign up to get regular email updates when they visit.

How to Promote Your Blog on Facebook

Once your blog is stocked with carefully crafted content aimed at your users, your social media marketing strategy should include steps for getting it in front of them.

  • Share your post. It seems obvious, but this is the first step to social media management for your blog. Install plugins to schedule automatic posting through your website or paste the blog URL directly into a Facebook sharing box. When you do, Facebook will import the headline and meta description.
  • Upload an image and link it to your post in the text field for improved reach. This also makes the images available to community members later.
  • Boost your post to your friends and your most engaged user demographics to generate social proof.
  • Comments show a greater level of engagement than likes. Ask questions and invite input to start conversations.
  • Invest in evergreen content you can re-post every few months.

Tips for Twitter

Work with your social media agency to make sure your Twitter profile is complete and includes your blog URL. Then follow these tips:

  • Add click to tweet links to blog posts so sharing is easy.
  • If you have statistics that support your article, tweet them.
  • Make long posts easy to consume by breaking content into chunks.
  • Use short tweets, since those under 100 characters receive more interaction.
  • Instead of always using your article title, try offering a quote to give them a sample, a taste that makes them crave more.
  • On the day your blog posts, tweet about it more than once to catch users in multiple time zones.
  • Add up to three hashtags to spread tweets to related topics.
  • Join and contribute to Twitter chats relevant to your industry to gain followers.

Instagram Interaction

Instagram has more monthly users than Twitter, and Instagrammers are buyers, so prioritize them in your social media marketing plan. Start by setting up a business Instagram account that’s separate from your personal one. You and your social media agency will then have access to additional analytics.

When you create your bio, include a link that allows audiences to follow your brand. Connect your profile to both your blog and Facebook page.

Choose a name that’s consistent with how you appear online and across social media platforms. Use the same logo or image throughout. Then, promote your blog by doing the following:

  • Before you post, create excitement with a teaser video or preview image that lets users know what content is coming.
  • Screen capture your blog article and post it with a description, hashtags and call to action that directs users to the bio link.
  • Share photos of behind the scenes activity related to your blog.
  • If your post involves an event, use text overlays and geo-tags.

As you post to social media Tyler, evaluate the metrics that let you know how your audience responds. Revisit your social media marketing strategy. Use data to create even more compelling content and reach more users.

Tying It All Together

Your blog and your social media presence build brand recognition. Social media marketing helps you stand out from the competition and allows you to reach your revenue goals. Spade Design is the social media agency that can optimize every aspect of your online presence and create unlimited opportunities for success. Let’s talk about how we can help you get more traffic, more customers, and more profit.


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