What Photography Style is Best for Your Website?

Your business website should be driving traffic and revenue to your business. An effective website does that by connecting with the people looking for you, meeting their needs and communicating brand values. Photography is a huge part of how your business website accomplishes those goals. When we ask business owners to provide images for their […]

Written By Matthew Martin

March 9, 2019

Your business website should be driving traffic and revenue to your business. An effective website does that by connecting with the people looking for you, meeting their needs and communicating brand values. Photography is a huge part of how your business website accomplishes those goals.

When we ask business owners to provide images for their website design or website redesign, sometimes they’re not sure what look they’re going for. We don’t leave them to guess. Part of what we do is making sure every graphic, every photo is in line with the website’s overall aesthetic. Images are part of an overall branding strategy.

Your site’s “About” page is vital. Visitors look at pictures of your team and form an impression of what your business is like. However, we encourage clients not to think of that one page in isolation, but as an integral part of the whole. Let’s talk about the extreme importance of the photography you use on every page of your business website.

Photography Statistics for Business Websites

Images are extremely powerful. Here’s proof.

  • When people hear information, only 10 percent of them remember it three days later. However, adding a photo or other image improves recall by an average of 65 percent.
  • Consumers say they’re “significantly more likely” to have a favorable impression of ads that include photos instead of just text.
  • 60 percent of consumers are more likely to get in touch with a business that has an image show up in local search results.
  • When marketers rank content in terms of importance, they place images at the top, even above video and text. Sixty-eight percent of marketers say they plan to use more images in the future.

You may have a stockpile of photos of your team and your work, but they may not be right for your website design or redesign. When you work with Spade Design, we’ll help you find the winning combination that makes all the difference.

Why Your Photography Style Matters

Images are important, but you’re not just trying to fill up space. When you get your website photography style just right, it sets the tone for everything else.

The right photography style gets visitors’ attention. The brain processes images thousands of time faster than text, recognizing an image in as little as 13 milliseconds. Your photo, the lighting, the focus and the subjects speak volumes without saying a word.

Photography done right makes a nonverbal, emotional connection. When website visitors look at images of your team, they should feel like your personalities and values align with their needs.

If you’re a realtor or attorney, the focus isn’t just on looking successful. You want your photography style to let potential clients know you’re trustworthy and concerned. If you’re a daycare owner or pediatrician, your photography style should show you’re warm, calm and capable.

Quality photographs establish your brand’s credibility. When you’re consistent, they also help people identify your material no matter where it shows up.

One of the things we do for clients is provide a document outlining style guidelines. Their guide includes information on photography style, color schemes, fonts and other elements specific to their brand. That way, they can send consistent messages whether they’re developing email marketing, print advertising, social media messages or any other material.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Photography Style

Your goal isn’t to look like others in your industry, but to show what makes your business unique. Take some time to ask yourself these questions when determining the best photography style for your website.

  • What do I want my photography to achieve? What am I going for?
  • Can I identify the fundamental purpose behind my business? What inspires and motivates management and employees about being here?
  • What types of clients or buyers do I want to attract? How much do I know about my audience?
  • What do I promise about my products or services?
  • Is my brand casual or more suit and tie?
  • What makes my business different from others in my industry?

Your photography style should align with what you have to say and who you’re speaking to. If you sell high end business attire for professional women, your images will be very different from sellers of apparel for outdoor enthusiasts. You’re both selling clothing, but your audience’s needs and goals are worlds apart. Use your images to show you get them.

Photography Style Examples

Identify your goals and audience first. Then we’ll help you match those to photography styles like the following:

Studio portraits – This one is the most straightforward. You get all your employees in front of the same background and have a professional photographer do the rest. It provides a consistent look and lighting is easy to control, so everyone looks their best. They’re useful for creating a professional, streamlined appearance.

Matthew Martin, Spade Design, Web Design, Business Consultant, Marketing Strategy

Outdoor photography – The outdoors can be flattering if your photographer understands how to use light and shadow advantageously. Background architecture or skylines become a prop that highlights the subject or product. Outdoor photos look fresh, upbeat and positive.

Matthew Martin, Marketing Consultant, Owner Spade Design

Environmental portraits – These are similar to outdoor photography in that photographers can use the background as part of the image’s message. An image that shows a pharmacist smiling and ready at the checkout says more than a head shot against an abstract background.

Black and white photos – Most people still associate black and white photos with newspaper articles. Pictures feel gritty, raw, real and “true.” They also might create a feeling of timelessness.


Business in action shots – When photography shows employees working, it tells a story. People want to see where the magic happens, to get a behind-the-scenes peek into your company. Carefully composed shots create a compelling portrait of your people at their best.

Team photos – These are about showing solidarity and cohesiveness. When attire is color-coordinated and people stand shoulder to shoulder, audiences know you all work toward the same goals.

With all of the above photography styles, there are almost endless variations. Corporate head shots might be close-ups or make innovative use of light and shadow. Team photos might feature your group packed together in a tight space or show your whole group in vibrant motion.

Create a Cohesive Brand Identity

Customers should see consistant images and messages everywhere they encounter your brand. Whether they’re looking at your Facebook page, promotional literature, website or signage, it should communicate your brand identity.

Sure, you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but people judge your business by its look and feel every day. Spade Design can help you develop a strong, consistent and memorable brand identity across all your marketing and advertising assets. It all starts with a conversation, why not get in touch today?


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