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Laura’s Maids Overview The owner of Laura’s Maids has a lifetime of experience when it comes to extreme clean. Phillip started cleaning homes when he was a teenager, helping his mom work in Minneola, Texas. As an adult, he noticed the need for well-trained cleaning crews that would consistently do a good job. It wasn’t that […]

Written By Matthew Martin

December 21, 2018

Laura’s Maids Overview

The owner of Laura’s Maids has a lifetime of experience when it comes to extreme clean. Phillip started cleaning homes when he was a teenager, helping his mom work in Minneola, Texas. As an adult, he noticed the need for well-trained cleaning crews that would consistently do a good job.

It wasn’t that janitorial staff and housekeepers had trouble getting things properly disinfected. What home and business owners wanted from their cleaning staff was highly individual. Some wanted their baseboards cleaned every visit, others would rather staff spend that time cleaning under furniture or addressing other issues.

Phillip and his wife Laura started a residential cleaning business that quickly branched out into commercial cleaning. Their tagline is, “We clean your way,” because that’s exactly what they do for every single client.

Customer Satisfaction Is Laura’s Maids’ Goal

Every employee receives 160+ hours of training to make sure they know exactly how to meet the company’s high expectations. Both owners are extremely hands-on and personally inspect locations to ensure quality control. A live person answers their phones around the clock, every day of the year. If home and business owners have a need or complaint, Phillip and Laura resolve it immediately.

On the residential side, they pride themselves on offering a 24-hour guarantee. If homeowners aren’t satisfied with the service they receive, Laura’s Maids doesn’t charge them. “It keeps my wife and me on our toes,” Phillip laughed. “We don’t like to lose money, so we’re extremely consistent about employee training and ensuring customer satisfaction.”

For commercial clients, Laura’s Maids offers an even more extensive promise. Their certificate of guarantee says if business owners aren’t satisfied, they don’t receive a bill for the month. “And we don’t make people sign a contract,” Phillip added. “If you as a customer have a complaint we want to fix it and make you happy, even if you switch.”

Their Old Website Didn’t Generate Leads

Janitorial and cleaning services rely heavily on referrals. Laura’s Maids had an excellent reputation in the East Texas community, but traffic just wasn’t coming in.

Phillip designed the company’s first website himself using a template and received leads through email. As the business grew, he invested in professional web design services thinking someone who specialized in digital marketing would do a better job. However, not all web design companies deliver on their promises. Leads from online sources completely dried up.

One of the main problems was that contact features weren’t prominent. The site included a phone number, but no call to action. It wasn’t user-friendly or designed for mobile search. Search engine optimization was nonexistent.

The old site was also extremely cluttered. Even though the site wasn’t optimized for search it experienced traffic. Laura’s Maid’s had a reputation for extremely high-quality work that caused people to look for them online. Once they found the site, they weren’t sure what to do because of the inefficient page design and confusing navigation. Leads fell through the cracks.

Digital Marketing Company Research

Laura’s Maids built a successful business on customer satisfaction. Owners wanted a digital marketing company that offered the same. Phillip started researching and at first, didn’t like the options he found locally.

“I was at Buffalo Wild Wings in Tyler and I thought one last time I’d try to find someone local,” Phillip remembers. “I ran across Spade Design and remembered seeing them on Facebook. So I messaged Matthew and we started emailing that night.” He found a hands-on, local web designer at a digital marketing agency he could trust.

Website Redesign Objectives

Simply put, Phillip and Laura wanted a website that would generate leads. They turned the process over to the Spade Design team. To reach that goal, their redesign had these objectives:

  • Simplify and optimize website content
  • Improve the number of monthly leads contacting the business through phone, email or their contact form
  • Grow awareness in the East Texas area by building search engine authority for related keywords
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a frictionless user experience and a refined path to purchase
  • Create a site that looks and works as well on mobile as it does on desktop

Spade Design’s team looked at navigation based on three user scenarios. First, they viewed the site from the perspective of an unaware user not familiar with the Laura’s Maids brand. They created on-page content designed to draw traffic through organic search. They designed clean, simple navigation so users knew what to do when they arrived.

The second perspective was that of a business owner or administrator seeking cleaning services for their workplace.  Spade Design staff also focused on serving current clients with a need or complaint.

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New Site Features

The new Laura’s Maids website presents a clear message. Phillip said the old site was confusing, “Visitors couldn’t tell what we cleaned. It could have been cars or shirts.” Now when a prospective customer visits, they immediately know what the company provides.

The site includes visual cues designed to aid in understanding and move visitors toward conversion. Icons and buttons leave no doubt in their mind where to click to accomplish their goals.

Navigation is simple and intuitive. The menu across the top of the page feels familiar and self-explanatory, and each page has multiple invitations to interact.

The site uses color, typography and high-quality images to keep users engaged. High end looks and functionality show prospects what they can expect from Laura’s Maids cleaning.

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Website Redesign Cost vs. Benefit

Before the redesign, Phillip estimated he might have gotten one lead from his website every six to nine months, two a year at most. In the first twelve months after his redesign, he received 178 calls from his new site.

That’s an 8,800 percent increase.

“One lead averages $1500 a month,” he said. “That’s $18,000 a year. Spade Design’s services pay for themselves dozens of times over.”

Phillip was surprised how quickly he saw results in terms of traffic and leads. He knew it was normal to wait six months to a year to see organic traffic improve after a redesign. He said he saw a dramatic increase in just three months.

Start Growing Your Business Today

When East Texans want someone to clean their home or business, they often start their search online. They want to find someone they can trust to get the job done right. We made changes that helped those customers find Laura’s Maids and made it easy to get in touch.

We guarantee accountability, trust and results with all our clients. What would happen if your business saw a similar increase in leads? Let’s talk about how we can help grow your business when you get in touch today.



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