What To Expect From Your Launch Pad Website

Launching Websites Fast Is Key To Success Traditional website design and redesigns can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. Especially when working with an antiquated project-based web design company. At Spade Design, we do things differently. We have a proven web design process that saves our client’s a ton of time, saves money, and gets results […]

Written By Matthew Martin

March 27, 2018

Launching Websites Fast Is Key To Success

Traditional website design and redesigns can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. Especially when working with an antiquated project-based web design company.

At Spade Design, we do things differently.

We have a proven web design process that saves our client’s a ton of time, saves money, and gets results faster than the “old way.”

This week, we want to explain more about what a launch pad website is and what you can expect when your launch pad website is ready to go live.

Why Traditional Web Design Is an Expensive, Ineffective Headache

If you’ve been through the website design process before, you probably cringe at the thought of having to do it again.

Relax, this time is going to be easier, faster and the product you receive will turn your site into your biggest marketing asset.

Traditional website design is dead for many reasons, the main reason being how fast the internet changes.

Traditional websites, or project-based web companies, go live and then walk away. The site is finished and the work is done.

“Finished” and “done” sounds great until you realize that nothing else happens to your website after this point. It may sit unchanged for years. Sure, you might edit your about page or change your business hours, but most of your site remains exactly the same as the day it was launched.

Traditional web design offers no guarantees of high performance. Everything about your site is based on what the designer thinks is a good idea. There is no plan to adjust based on user feedback, algorithm changes, or competitor counter moves.

What happens if you get a site that looks flashy, but your target audience doesn’t respond the way you thought they would? Are you going to keep it for two or three years before changing to what something your customers actually want to use?

In two or three years you might be faced with a redesign that means you have to start the whole process over again. Traditional web design is high cost and high risk.

How Our Launch Pad Website Is Better in Every Possible Way

If you want to design your website fast and within budget and scope of work, you want growth driven design that produces a launch pad website instead of traditional web design.

We take your website from sitemap to live within 30 days. You don’t wait months for a peek at the final product, you don’t tie up your team gathering resources for a seemingly endless project.

In addition, we offer continuous improvement that enables us to enhance your website based on what your users want, what algorithms need, and to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Here’s how we do it.

Your Launch Pad Website Has All The Major Components

With your business, you probably have a small number of products or services that produce about 80 percent of your revenue. All the rest is important, but those core components are what you do best, and are what your business runs on.

Your Launch Pad website is similar.

We start with the most important elements, what visitors want to know most when they visit your site. We create a fully functioning and engaging site that catches their interest, draws them in and immediately begins to convert traffic into leads.

Before your site starts to show up in search engine results pages, it has to be indexed first.

How long does this take? Well, there’s no set time, but Google’s Webmaster Central Help Forum says it can take between four days and four weeks, in some cases even longer. The sooner your website goes live, the faster your site can be indexed.

The Goal of a Launch Pad Website

Our goal isn’t to produce a completely perfect finished site, with every component it could possibly have.

It’s to get your site up and running as quickly as possible, with all the major components, so it can start getting indexed by search engines and we can start gathering data.

Your site might start with 5 or 15 of the most vital pages, then we’ll refine as time goes by. Instead of turning over your site and letting it sit, we’re continually building it out based on real scientific data- not guesswork or design trends.

Once live, we gather real-time info that gives us even deeper insight. We analyze how users interact with your site and make adjustments. As data shows what your audience responds to, we add more like it.

The user is what drives your business. If your product or service isn’t more useful, meaningful, helpful or affordable than what the competition offers, they aren’t going to buy your product.

The user is also what interests search engines. If your website isn’t more useful, meaningful, helpful or informative than what the competition offers, your pages and your site won’t show up in search results.

These metrics change all the time. So your website needs to change too.

We launch your site quickly, we start gathering feedback, then we use data to determine what’s going to get you the best results. You don’t waste time or money on pages or content that doesn’t work.

What Happens After Launch

If we’re currently designing or redesigning your site, we think of our current activities as phase one. That period is a 30-day sprint, then we launch and go live. After that, you enter phase two, which is ongoing.

During phase two, if there’s something on your wish list that wasn’t on your launchpad site, we may be able to add it. We’ll use heatmaps and “eye tracking” software to study user behavior and find the most effective placement of buttons and other key elements. As trends change, we may make updates to elements like navigation menus, images and color schemes. We may even alter the layout and content of your website, all in order to achieve the goals that we agreed to.

Our experts keep working to increase conversions, improve the user experience, personalize content and refine marketing resources. We learn from current data, plan improvements, develop and implement solutions, and learn again and again. This cycle repeats itself again and again.

It’s an iterative process that turns your site into a living tool that generates a growing amount of traffic and revenue.

If you’re not already working with Spade Design for your web design, you could be. Try our free website review for an SEO report in less than 45 seconds.


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