Writing and Marketing for Financial Services- The Spade Design Difference

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Almost all businesses are asking the same question when it comes to marketing. They want to know, “how do we reach more people?” The question is the same across industries, but writing and marketing for financial services are unique.

At Spade Design we work with financial services businesses like credit unions, accountants, private lenders, and local banks to craft a digital marketing strategy that generates high-quality leads. We get results every time because we tailor our approach to what your financial service organization needs.

What’s So Different About Financial Services Marketing?

Almost every industry has vocabulary and tools specific to that field. As you know, financial service companies have the additional challenge of heavy regulation. You’re not just trying to provide excellent service for current clients and attract the ones looking for you. There’s an almost endless list of do’s and don’ts for almost every aspect of your day.

Your financial services business has a huge impact on the economy, the community and the lives of the people you serve. Every day your employees might make decisions that affect the future. It’s a field that’s high pressure and high stakes.

You deal in long-term relationships and lifetime value. You don’t hand a burger out the window and never see clients again. Every interaction matters if you want clients to keep coming back.

Technology presents you with benefits but also causes financial services marketing challenges. When customers can handle everything on their cell phones, they lose sight of the human beings at your organization. Money is deeply personal. How they interact with you through technology affects their long-term satisfaction.

Financial Services Marketing That Gets Results In Spades

So what exactly does Spade Design do to help your financial services marketing efforts get results? We help organizations do the following:

Know Your Client

Study your clients. What’s most important to them? What are their long-term goals and short-term frustrations? Start with the quantitative data you have on hand. Also, talk to your customers and really listen to what they need and want. Even if your customer is a large corporation, it’s run by people.

Since finances are intensely individual, effective marketing involves finding creative ways to understand the customer mindset and generate relevant insights. The doctor expanding his practice has different needs and concerns from the teacher planning for retirement. The large-scale manufacturer and local retailer both face financial challenges. Find out what makes each client tick. Then use those insights to drive predictions and generate content.

Develop Your Voice

Your brand voice involves how you communicate with your target audience. If you have a company that sells motorcycles, the words and the tone you use will match your product. You’ll use words that come from the gut and evoke feelings of independence. You might use profanity. You’ll appeal to the renegade, or at least to people who wish they were. Your graphics and video will show how powerful your product is and any narration will be in a deep, intense voice.

In contrast, if you sell children’s toys, your voice will be much lighter. You’re trying to reach children, so your words will be simple and your tone friendly.

Financial services marketing is aimed at people managing money. Some of them have as much knowledge as you do, while others are just beginning to learn. Your voice must convey that your organization is trustworthy, empathetic, straight-forward and knowledgeable. You need enough industry jargon to convince the knowledgeable group you know what you’re talking about. You’ll have to communicate using complex financial terminology without being boring or too difficult for the layman to understand.

Even when complex jargon is necessary, we’ll help you communicate with warmth and lose the financial speak. Each interaction will show your expertise and grow consumer trust.

Refine Your Website

Financial services websites have a reputation for being boring, but they don’t have to be. We create sites that make a strong first impression and keep users coming back. We’ll also keep your site compliant with regulations from the ADA, NCUA, FDIC, FINRA and any other entity that governs your organization.

Financial services marketing is possibly the most challenging form of marketing, but at Spade Design we thrive on challenge. When your organization needs logo design, branding, web design or anything else, we’re here for your financial services marketing needs. It all starts with a conversation, get in touch today.