Content Marketing and SEO Services: Changes Brought About by the Pandemic

The pandemic has had an impact on many aspects of our daily lives. There has been a rise in social media users in response to social distancing rules. There has also been a drastic change in how content is consumed. This has led to a need to generate more content as people are online more, […]

Written By Matthew Martin


January 29, 2021

The pandemic has had an impact on many aspects of our daily lives. There has been a rise in social media users in response to social distancing rules. There has also been a drastic change in how content is consumed. This has led to a need to generate more content as people are online more, which is likely to be the new norm.

This article explores areas that are likely to change after the pandemic and how content marketing and SEO services will have to adapt to the same.

Changes in Consumer Behavior

The pandemic has forced people across the globe to change how they carry out day to day tasks. Whether it’s buying groceries or engaging customers, the lockdown has had a considerable impact on consumer behavior.

It follows that businesses have to respond to changing consumer needs, behaviors, and expectations. Companies have experienced significant disruptions in their physical locations. For that reason, there is a growing demand for more robust digital marketing and systems that are cost-effective to run.

Engaging Audiences with Content Marketing

They say that content is king, and that is true now more than ever. Small businesses are taking a different approach to content marketing. They want to utilize digital tools and SEO services to optimize business performance.

The key to getting the most out of your content is to make it useful. During the pandemic, shoppers have been looking for online alternatives to shops and stores they could easily access before. Luckily, entrepreneurs can still share information about their online presence through local SEO and content marketing to maximize their reach.

Incorporating Rich Content

The advantage of using rich content is to bring the shopping experience to the consumer at home. Luckily, we are close to a point where video and virtual reality are becoming ubiquitous. 3D visualization may provide richer experiences for a prospect during the buyer’s journey.

Already, many real estate agents are using virtual reality to conduct house tours remotely. These technologies have made it possible to keep the business going while complying with safety regulations.

Tight Budget and Qualitative Metrics

Many businesses have also experienced disruptions to their revenues due to the pandemic. Most entrepreneurs are forced to work on a tight budget. As a result, the focus is on generating qualitative rather than quantitative data for decision making.

It is possible to reduce overhead and save time by using AI and machine learning. Marketing automation can minimize the workload and allow the managers to focus on their core tasks. Automation eliminates repetitive tasks and makes email marketing less complicated to implement within a limited time.

Content Marketing for Virtually All Sectors

The pandemic has pushed businesses from a wide range of industries into the virtual world. The shift has been driven by a contact-less approach to business operations. Schools are using apps to reach students remotely. And storefronts have been adopting digital tools to comply with regulations.

SEO services and content marketing are inevitably part of the shift towards a digital approach to business operations. Entrepreneurs from all industries now have to adapt fast to keep their investments afloat. Fortunately, there are many cost-effective digital solutions.

Statics show 6 out of 10 marketers create at least one piece of content a day. Post lockdown, it is even more critical to add value to this content. When using local SEO companies for content marketing, your focus needs to be quality more than quantity.


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