Top 4 SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Let's take a look at four SEO trends that Spade Design believes will be crucial for SEO companies to follow in the coming year.

Written By Matthew Martin


November 30, 2020

The year 2020 continues to upend lives in unprecedented proportions on a global scale. Thousands of businesses are still working remotely due to COVID-19. The changes continue to impact how companies operate and conduct business. It is especially true for SEO trends that continue to evolve amidst the global pandemic. SEO companies are now pegged with a dilemma: will the proven, traditional SEO practices remain relevant, or are there big updates coming up that will completely transform the digital marketing space? Here are four trends that Spade Design believes will be crucial in the coming year.

1. UX Optimization Will Be at the Core

One of the biggest SEO trends to expect in 2021 will be a focus on user experience optimization. In May 2020, Google announced a raft of algorithm updates that will come into effect next year. The ‘Core Web Vitals’ update will focus more on metrics such as page load times, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift. The changes will have a significant impact on the ranking of millions of websites. Marketers need to look for website design agencies to optimize their sites for mobile and user-friendliness. An interactive web design can help them remain relevant past COVID-19.

2. Voice Search Will Play a Significant Role

Our experts predict the continued rise of voice search in influencing search results. Thanks to innovation and improvements on Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, voice search will be a key component in mobile SEO. In fact, a report by Juniper Research shows that over 55% of U.S. households will own a smart speaker by 2022. To optimize for voice search, SEO companies will have to focus on long-tailed keywords and phrases common in everyday conversation. Instead of focusing on a keyword such as “Dallas SEO firm,” you may opt for “Which is the best Dallas SEO firm?”

3. Mobile-First Indexing Will Impact Rankings

90% of internet users use Google as their primary search engine. In 2019, Google released the mobile-first indexing, where their crawlers look primarily at the mobile version before the desktop version. It was in line with the continued expansion of mobile device use. The World Advertising Research Center estimates that 73% of users will access the internet solely via smartphones by 2025. SEO companies need to ensure that their clients’ websites focus on ‘mobile usability.’ You can check how effective your mobile optimization is through Google’s free mobile-friendly test.

4. Local Search Listings Will Evolve with Google My Business

One of the main discussions on the post-COVID recovery strategies is a focus on local businesses. The Federal and State governments are looking towards helping local companies thrive again. You need to be part of the search by leaning more on community-focused local SEO. As people look forward to supporting their local business community, make it easy for them to find your products and services. SEO companies can help you optimize your Google My Business listing, which will increase your local SEO rankings.

While no one is sure what 2021 has to offer, one thing remains certain: SEO will still be relevant. Content marketers and SEO companies must remain vigilant and keep up with the best trends to stay afloat. Your business website will continue bringing quality leads and conversion throughout 2021 and beyond by acting on the listed SEO trends.


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